Why should I get veneers?

What are veneers?

Veneers are often given to patients for cosmetic reasons, such as improving their shapesize and teeth colour.

The work is achieved by reshaping, getting rid of small spaces within the teeth and improving the teeth’s structure or colour.

They are a popular dental product and have been used for over fifty years.

Benefits of veneers

People see many benefits after their treatment.

  • They hide any discolouration, chips and cracks in teeth
  • Have a natural look and feel
  • Prevent future tooth discolouration
  • Increase self-confidence


Those who get dental veneers do so because they believe the benefits will benefit them for a long period of time.

Unlike normal teeth cleaning with a hygienist, veneers can last up to a lifetime if taken care of properly.

The process

The typical process is pain-free and can be completed within only three appointments.

There is no need to worry about feeling any pain during the process.

The patient is given a local anaesthetic before the surgery.

Gentle Dental’s veneer process is simple, quick and provides immediate results to patients once their three appointments are complete.

Patients who get veneers from Gentle Dental do not have to sacrifice pricing for quality.

Their expert team of dentists have been providing veneers to many happy clients for over two decades.

Different types

The two different types of veneers include:

While each product has its own individual benefits, each of the two different types of veneers provides its customers with many happy benefits.

The different types of veneers are based on the different types of customers that are interested in the product.

No two dental customers need the same type of product, even if the two are similar in some ways.

Before deciding on a specific type of veneer, it is important to weigh up the advantages, disadvantages and eligibility criteria for all of them.

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